PSC Annual Result published here

Psc & Ebtedayee final result 2014 is published today. Now here you gets the result download easily. Primary School Certificate Result 2014 will be published by Director of Primary Education. Primary School Certificate Result 2013. Primary School Certificate Examination Result 2013 will be published on 30 December 2013.

Results for click here

Primary School Certificate (PSC) is one of the largest public examination in Bangladesh. This year total participants were 27 lac 88 thousand 5 hundred and 44 in PSC and Ibediya terminal 2014. Among them 12 lac 82 thousand and 79 hundred were boys and 15 lac 6 thousand and 465 hundred girls. According to number of boys and girls, the number of girls were more than boys.

It is undoubtedly a huge number examiners in psc exam 2014. On the other hand total number of Ibediya terminal students were 3 lac 11 thousand and 265. Among them 1 lac 57 thousand and 448 were boys and 1 lac 48 thousand & 273 were girls in Ibediya terminal 2014. So two side like PSC and Ibediya terminal the number of girls students are more than boys students.This year there were total 6 thousand 7 hundred and 91 center in psc and ibediya terminal 2014 in all over the country.


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